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My ever evolving little space on the interwebs, mainly used for storing and accessing my image files and various hobby related stuff. Stuff will move, disappear, re-appear, be edited, un-edited, be randomly replaced by goatse images. Basically link to stuff on here at your own risk.

Still Life

Because internet people are weird

Comments, views, ideas, and thoughts are purely my own, and may be under the influence of alcohol, sillyness, shear bloody mindedness, alien mind control, and/or evil hackers. If anything here offends you, get of the web and go do something else until you calm down. Or just be an adult and deal with it. Nothing on here should be taken seriously. All images on here are copyright and owned by myself unless otherwise stated. No licenses are implied. Images are not stock and not for re-use without permission. Don't be dicks and steal images/claim work as your own, use commercially without permission, etc because lawyers are really expensive and the paperwork a complete pain in the arse and you really don't want the hassle.